Automating custom processes requires a high level of expertise in engineering, electrical design, programming and technology. Our experienced engineering team meets all these requirements in every aspect.

Applied technologies:

  • Vibrators, component feeders
  • Screwing, feeder and sealing machines
  • Punching machine, dot pen marking machine
  • Dispensing heads
  • Robots and robotic systems
  • Screwing stations
  • Shelf systems
  • Assembly stations
  • Test and inspection stations
  • Conveyor system
  • PLC or PC control, centralized line control
  • Database management and production system integration
  • Camera systems for measuring and regulation
  • Safety and protection systems (fences, photocells, railings)
Complete assemby lines
Punching machines, marking machines
Sealant- and lubricant applicators
PLC control systems
PC controllers, database management
Camera systems
Robotic solutions