Frequently Asked Questions

Company information - VT TIPA Kft.


General data

Company registration number: 07-09-004856

Company type: Limited Liability Company

Registered: 1995.09.11.

Company full name: VT TIPA Vezérléstechnikai Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Company abbreviated name: VT TIPA Kft.

Company address: 9027 Győr, Juharfa u. 4.

Activity: N.L.E. manufacture of other special purpose machinery

TAX number: 11401371-2-08

Community TAX number: HU11401371

E-mail address:


Banking data

Account keeping financial institution: K&H Bank Zrt.

Bank account numbers:

HUF: 10400401-00029187-00000009

IBAN: HU72 1040 0401-0002 9187-0000 0009

EUR: 10400401-00029188-00000008

IBAN: HU46 1040 0401-0002 9188-0000 0008



What do I have to know about VIDEOTON?


VIDEOTON is the largest Hungarian privately owned industrial company. With 11 production sites in three countries, it has over 580,000 m2 of production space and nearly 8,000 employees. The 4th largest EMS company in Europe. The individual member companies work closely together, complement and support each other. Thus, Videoton provides complex manufacturing services from component manufacturing, through assembly to shipping and distribution. For more information visit our central website:

At what prices does VT TIPA Kft. work?

Our prices are always regulated by the live market, our prices are fair, based on calculations and competitive. They do not include extra profit or hidden costs, they are basically determined by the amount of labor invested and the cost of the commercial materials involved. However, when ordering multiple or larger series, one-off costs are reduced proportionately.